MKV GTI – APR Stage 1

MKV GTI  misc mods:

  • APR stage 1: Fully loaded with four programs, valet, and immobilizer. Thanks Eric and Ingemar at Sonoma Autowerks.
  • Hotchkiss rear anti-sway bar (This was on the car when I bought it, thanks first owner!)

Next steps? As soon as I need them I’ll replace all my shocks with Koni Sport Yellows. I’ve hear very good things. But first, Methanol injection! I can run my 100 octane map on 91 pump gas if I set up a water-methanol injection kit. That should make the car good for about 270hp / 322lb-ft. That’s an additional 24hp / 40lb-ft. Very possibly worth any throttle body issues injection could cause. And as an added bonus, it give me a great opportunity to install a button to toggle ‘race’ and ‘commute’ modes. I think an old fashioned metal switch on the console would be perfect.