MKV GTI – VF Pendulum Mount

VF Pendulum Mount

A while back I installed an aftermarket VF pendulum mount and torque arm insert for my VW MKV Golf GTI.  I have the 6 speed manual and from the factory there is an awful lot of flex in the drive train. The car was designed to be comfortable and quiet. To achieve this the stock mounts are very soft and I could feel the engine and transmission moving under even moderate load.

Since I’d gone through all of the trouble to put in a shifter bushing kit (see waay below) it seemed a waste to not address all the transmission and motor flex. After a bit of forum trolling I decided to give the VF Pendulum Mount a whirl. The pendulum mount and torque arm insert (the red thing) went on pretty easy but the instructions were a bit unclear about the placement of a washer, I used these photos I snapped while under the car to query the forums for answers. My hunch for placement was correct but it was nice to get some confirmation.