MKV GTI – Neuspeed P-Flo Intake

Neuspeed P-Flo Intake

I finally decided enough-is-enough and I pulled out the factor air box and engine cover. The thing is a pain in the ass to open which was the only way to change the air filter.airbox

I decided to replaced the factory box and engine cover with a simple filter on a stick. I found a smog legal intake by neuspeed for the job. In the photo below you can see the O2 sensor is still in place and there is a shiny C.A.R.B. sticker which apparently means something to someone at your local smog shop.  I’m not due for smog for a bit but I believe this should pass fine. If not I can always yank it out and put back on the factor air-box for a day or two.


What I didn’t expect was the sound. The engine cover very effectively muffled the engine noise and that wasn’t really a bad thing. These VW motors are clacky and horrible sounding, to me they sound like little tractors. I don’t actually mind the clacking too much and I’m really happy that I can finally hear the turbo at work.  It’s loud and whooshy as it gulps up air and there is a very satisfying hiss as the diverter valve recirculates unused boost. I imagine uninformed passengers will suspect there is something terribly wrong with my car but I’m enjoying the new vroom-hiss-blow-growl symphony.

MKV GTI – Short Shifter and Bushings

42 Draft Design Shifter Bushing Set + European Short Shifter Kit

This bushing kit is an effective and cheap upgrade for a manual car with a rubbery shifter. The VW stock shifter (at least mine) was way too bouncy and had massive front to back travel. I added these bushings when I put in a euro short shifter and the combination on this car is great. The shifter is now pleasantly notchy with medium travel. There is a very satisfying metallic ‘click’ which you can hear and feel through the shifter as you plop into each gear.



MKV GTI – BSH Motor Mounts

BSH Transmission and Motor Mounts


So these mounts are a bit of work to install. It’s not really a complicated job but it requires removing the battery and the battery tray and about a zillion other little things.

I supported the engine and transmission from beneath with a floor jack which turned out fine but was a bit nerve-wracking.  If I accidentally dropped the motor I don’t know how I’d get it back in, I don’t have a lift for that sort of thing.


The motor did sag a little bit when I pulled the old mounts off. Actually, I think the car raised once freed from the engines weight. I jacked the motor up from underneath and it found it’s way back into place. No harm done.

At first these BSH poly-mounts made everything CrAzY loud but after a months worth of wear-in they have have settled some, that or I’m just getting used to the vibrations. I find it livable and the driver-car connection is grrrreat. It’s very hard to describe – The transmission and engine feel absolutely bolted into place. The traction control light comes on more frequently now too, a good sign that more torque is making it’s way to the wheels. Unexpectedly there is a new and rather distinct growl that makes it’s way from the engine into the cabin. It’s rather villainous which is nice in contrast to the cars doe-eyed appearance.