Delicious Empire Prints

Nostalgia, Fantasy, and Photo Collage

Christopher Lielasus Morrow

Postcards from Delicious Empire is a print series depicting a re-imagined San Francisco, a place we can see but never visit. The prints are digital compilations constructed of contemporary and vintage photos as well as original illustrations.

Showing 2012
Borderlands Cafe
870 Valencia Street  San Francisco, CA 94110
Aug 12 – Oct 30, 2012

Raw Mixology
1015 Folsom Street  San Francisco, CA 94103
July 26, 2012

Back to The Picture Gallery
934 Valencia St San Francisco, CA 94110
July 14th, 2012

Raw Menagerie
1015 Folsom Street  San Francisco, CA 94103
April 26th, 2012

Selected Prints from The Delicious Empire Series